Data and information is the present and the future value of a company. Our FuturiX is the enabler for your data and information hub. We have developed a platform that combines all of the above features from the most diverse requirements from a wide range of applications.

Our way

FuturiX Platform at a glance

Real-time system behavior

The world is experiencing ever-faster information flows, regulatory changes and change cycles. Real-time behavior is a must! In order to be prepared for this and without having to use too many expensive system components, we work with our layer modeling completely within the database. This allows incredible performance and data manipulation in real-time.

Audit-compliant data storage

All business entities and process data that are relevant to auditing or revision are historized and held multi-temporally. All other data that can be mutated is historized.

Data modeling

In addition to a best-of-breed approach from various data modeling methods such as Anchor Model, Container Model, Data Vault, Star and Snowflake Schemas, we have implemented our platform with our proprietary "sustainable_flex_modeling" modeling method. Various data models can and are used in our data layers.

Warehouse functionality

Our FuturiX platform offers all the necessary functionalities for a warehouse. Be it the functionality of the ETL routes, datacleansing, the data modeling and the data marts. We used an active Metadata repository for the interaction.

Modularized application

This approach entails working with modules that consist of various reusable smaller sub modules. The basic modules are created by applying our generators and frameworks. For various application cases, modules such as periodicity, workflow, bookkeeping, etc. can be applied to each case.

Data processing

In FuturiX, there is a separate area which is set up for the business specifications. This is where the professional examines the requirements in his language which need to be solved by compliance. In the DWH, the mappings and the data models are defined by the more IT-specialized users. With FuturiX, the user can record, correct, delete and copy depending on his or her rights.

Data evaluations

Through various selection options, the user can select various data to get an overview. At the same time, the user can convert everything they see on the screen in Excel or pdf format and print them out. For example, Adhoc evaluations can access third-party tools on preselected data areas (datamarts).

Fast implementation times

Due to the existence of various modules, basic functionalities such as BI temporality, historization and data models, application cases can be implemented very quickly. This speed is supported by a possible docker deployment.

Highest automation

Everything you do by hand costs time and is a source of error. Through the configurable FuturiX workflow, data can be completely automatically read, edited and output.

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