FuturiX design features

Data encapsulation

The business data layer enables encapsulation. This means that it’s not possible to access the data in this layer. This has enormous advantages for the maintainability of the overall system. This layer can be easily expanded for business expansions through configuration, but can be accessed only by data transformations via the application data layer. This business data layer thus enables unambiguous definition data for the entire company, which cannot be manipulated. This has the advantage that new evaluations and reporting and data processing etc. in the application data layer can be quickly implemented, as an accessible parent database is available.

Data modeling

In addition to a best of breed approach of the different data modeling methods such as anchor modeling, container model, data vault, star and snowflake schemes, we have implemented our platform with our proprietary modeling style "sustainable_flex_modeling".
At the same time we use the industry 4.0. approach in the software development. This means, the software systems are high quality produced with us in a short time and in a stringent, structured and standard manner, just as the modern automation in the age of industry 4.0.

Any extensibility

No one knows the demands of tomorrow. Many modeling methods and specifications must have a very accurate picture of the functionality in order to be implemented. In FuturiX the future requirements are the objective of modeling and architecture. This is made possible by the generic business data layer and the generic GUI and through the active metadata management.

Real-time system performance

The world is experiencing faster information flows, rule changes, change cycles. Real-time performance is a must! To be prepared for this purpose without the need for too many expensive system components, we work with our layer modeling completely within the database. This allows an incredible performance and data manipulation in real-time periods.

Cooperation business area and IT

This framework was developed according to the principle that the respective department not only supplies the needs, but also can handle the operation without profound IT knowledge regarding new requests, such as interface bindings, reproduction of new rules and organization.

A hybrid approach

Our solution is a hybrid approach, through the different layers FuturiX is ideal for pure data analysis and data processing. This facilitates the processes in an IT infrastructure enormously. This is possible because there is no mixing of different data states, which allows easy maintenance.


The customer requirements are depicted as possible definition rules and the software is compiled in accordance with these definition rules. We follow the standard software development approach with mass customizing for our customers. The manual programming of individual island solutions is avoided in our environment as much as possible.


This approach means that we work with modules that again consist of various reusable smaller sub-modules. The base modules are formed by applying our generators and frameworks.

As an example we can use our periodicity module. Temporal processes are central in all applications. Monthly and annual accounts, daily reviews, reporting in the order of hours, inquiries within seconds etc. All these periodicity methods must operate in an international context over time zones, combined with different calendars, vacation days, business days etc. This is what we have achieved in the periodicity module and can thus toast and handle all processes in the application without further developments. This reduces, for example, the implementation of further functionalities significantly, while increasing quality simultaneously.

Multi-client capability

That is, a plurality of different mandates can share a mandate tower. The data and processes are separated depending on the clients.


Multi temporal for auditing and revision

All business entities and processes data that are relevant regarding auditing or revision, are being historized and held multi temporal. All other data that can be mutated are being historized.



Our multi language framework is being used here.