FuturiX finance

FuturiX finance offers technological features and diverse business functions. In the current finance version of FuturiX all existing global derivative products are depicted.

The structured products are depicted with our categories such as capital protection, yield optimization, participation and leverage.

Application example

Each financial institution suffers greatly when business units such as the midoffice can’t implement new requirements and changes quickly together with IT. This framework was developed according to the principle that the respective department not only supplies the requirements, but also can handle the operation without profound IT knowledge regarding new requests such as interface bindings, representation of new rules and organization.

Through the generic business data layer and the active metadata management, we can cover the existing or the upcoming compliance requirements perfectly.

In the application example you see the EMIR Reporting from a banking institution. The trading information of derivative products such as product details, counterparties, trading information must be sent to the data format specified by ESMA to an authorized central trading repository. 

The business user can record this ESMA reporting definition in FuturiX in a business domain. Derived from this definition, the table structures can be defined in the application data layer (through IT or BT-users). Subsequently, the required data structures of source data in landing zone and Rawdatalayer, the ETL transformations can be defined in FuturiX.

These rules then control the entire data processing platform. From data loading to delivery of reporting files, all processes are automated. Changing the regulatory requirement means changing the DWH definitions.