FuturiX in the field of pension

FuturiX pension

In order to secure the demanding market of the various retirement and financial solutions for our international customers successfully, we have developed a software that adapts to the specific needs and changing conditions optimally through parameterization. As consultants and software developers, we work with FuturiX on new ways to operate pension for employees, thus ensuring their quality requirements for a long-term future. With our international partner network we offer the entire lifecycle of pensions.

Open architecture

Through the open architecture, complete corporate structures, wide range of investment products are accessible in the context of most diverse strategies for the insured, in the auditable technical and financial accounting all mutilations are detained. All these different components of a pension solution can be administered and evaluated through the plan structures of certain business cases (reporting). The web portal enables a targeted communication with the people, who participate in the process.

Core function

The FuturiX pension solution essentially consists of the blocks of master data management regarding companies, partners and the insured, an accounting, the asset management with the assignment to the organizational units such as the company, the insured, etc., and the transactions, which include all mutations such as withdrawals and resignations, strategy changes.


Master data management

Asset management

Business case

Plan structures

Assets under management

Since the pension sector is very complex, it is inherited by the Global Pension Solutions.