Our platform

Managing data

Data hubs in real-time requirements

This strategy provides an easily expandable data hub that can cover all currently known requirements and at the same time be flexible for new requirements in the future.

Working with data

You need different functionalities that perform other functions, calculations from your data.

Processing data

Reporting requirements in general e.g. for most diverse compliance requirements.
High regulatory requirements at both local and international levels.

Efficiency in action

A simplified infrastructure

Your complex system landscape (interfaces, manufacturers, technologies) should be simplified.
Some currently used stand-alone solutions are to be replaced in order to create operational synergies.
The reading and the access of new data sources needs to be controlled by the department itself within one working day, instead of intensive implementation within several days in the IT.

Warehouse functionality

Most diverse warehouse functionalities are necessary for the existing database content.
Your data warehouse structure can only be expanded at very great expense and is outdated? FuturiX will help!

Cooperation between specialists and IT

Through various layers of FuturiX, IT and business can work directly on the data elements. New data sources can be integrated in the overall process directly through the departments. These simplifications of the process by FuturiX considerably reduce the overall costs.

Benefit in every area

Integration of essential information

Stronger nationwide integration of an essential information flow in your company.
Company acquisition and integrations.
You have many different data sources with different names and want to evaluate the collected transaction data.
A data provider and acceptance instance for a smooth MDM or RDM Suite.

Cost and time pressure

Cost and time pressure is given for rapidly realizable, manageable projects (in the compliance environment).

Requirements for operating costs

The operating costs have to be reduced substantially.

Individual solution

FuturiX universal

Through the open architecture, the optionally upgradable data models, the generic GUI, the generic patch modules can be enabled for most diverse applications in a very fast matter. Tell us about your specific problems. You will be amazed how quickly we will have implemented your demands in a showcase. Our data model and standard modules allow an incredibly fast expansion and adaptation to your needs.

Individual solution

With its unique architecture and data modeling, our framework FuturiX can offer incredible added value in the life-cycle of a software solution for most diverse requirements.
We believe that data and information is the most valuable aspect of processes. If there is order in the optionally upgradable models, even large expansions and adaptations can be implemented in an efficient manner.