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The Global Pension Solution is a subsidiary of Butos Holding AG.

Global Pension Solutions is an innovative software and consulting firm for company pension plans and employee benefits for all kinds of financial services providers and companies. Our clients include companies that operate nationally and internationally.

At Global Pension Solutions different specialists work in a variety of disciplines. To be able to successfully safeguard the demanding market of various pension and financial solutions for our customers, we have developed the software solution called futuriX which can be flexibly and optimally tailored to the individual needs and the ever-changing underlying conditions. As a consultancy and software developer, we focus on developing with futuriXnew options for providing retirement planning for employees and thus safeguarding your quality demands for a long-lasting future.

Since futuriX pension covers such a large field of activity, it was decided to divide the field of provision into a separate business.

Global Pension Solutions

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The Global Pension Solution is a subsidiary of Butos Holding AG.