FuturiX services

An introduction of a platform in the company is based on many factors, which are mostly carried out in the context of an evaluation and creating of business cases in the planning phase. Once the decision has been made, the project is implemented, the project or parts (iterations) are being carried out. After iterations or a complete project the customized platform is taken with its infiltration into operation. After commissioning, the platform will be adjusted according to the current requirements.

Decision making

Butos shows you the possibilities which result from using FuturiX in your business. This may be due to different scenarios. Often, a Proof of Concept (POC) is the proper form of the test. Here they ask specific requirements and Butos implements them in a given time frame. A POC sometimes includes functionalities only but sometimes an integration in your environment. The idea is that the concreteness of the requirements can be verified in your area.

Butos is happy to provide an offer for you. Depending on the situation, it is ideal for customers to address a joint project with a project team consisting of the customers and Butos. Also possible is a complete takeover of the different tasks of Butos.


For the implementation we choose the process model depending on requirements. Waterfall models are very suitable for introducing the FuturiX in clear (Skop). If some diverse issues are still open, we recommend an integrative process model, for example, according to Scrum.


FuturiX can be operated in the data center of Butos or directly at your location. Depending on the requirements, different services for the operation can be obtained. The services can be defined on different times and availability.

Technical operations

Minimizing operational risks, such as the increase in efficiency, is accomplished by consistent standardization, automation and application of our best practices. Our technical services relate to this infrastructure. You can compile these services regarding our FuturiX on your individual needs.

Application operation

The application operation or its services is designed to provide the correct level of operation, support and maintenance services. Obtain the service entirely based on your individual requirements.

Our pricing models

Depending on the application, different pricing models are essential for our customers. Butos gives you the flexibility to choose the pricing model that best supports your business activities.